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Industrial gases

    Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Syngas, CO2,

    Argon Production, Purification, Distribution, Applications,

    Operations, Commercial Practices

Helium & Rare Gases

    Specialized technologies and practices for production,

    purification, transportation, storage

Gas Separations

    Cryogenic, Adsorption and Membrane

    Process and Equipment design

    Energy and Capital

Clean Energy

    Algae; Hydrogen; Clean Coal

    Carbon Capture and Sequestration

    Education; Outreach; Training

Advanced Technologies

    Ion conducting ceramics; Nanotechnology,

    Industrial Coatings, Advanced Batteries

    Silane Pyrolysis; Combustion & High Efficiency Heat

    Transfer, CFD and Finite Element Analysis


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Energy & Technology Consulting
Industrial gases • Helium • Gas Separations 
Cryogenics  • Clean Energy • Ceramic Membranes
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